Get Ballroom Dancing, Austin!

Want to learn to dance ballroom? Whether you live in Austin or not, the "How To" guides on the right can help you on your way.

Ballroom dance can seem daunting at first. Like starting anything new. Many people watch Dancing with the Stars and think, "I want to do that!" Only to become frustrated because they don't know where to begin. I created this website to help you with all the decisions you'll be confronted with so that you can get up and start dancing!

Click on any of the "How to" guides (on the right) and find out:
You'll also find some hints on whether you want to consider taking a group class or private lessons and how to prepare for your first ballroom lesson.

For those that live in the Austin area, I also recommend specific teachers in town that I know offer high-quality ballroom instruction.

Don't let it overwhelm you. It's just a few things to consider that will hopefully help you to make more informed choices. But no matter what, dancing is fun! So get out there!